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Discussione: Patch coming soon?

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    Da SuPa MoD L'avatar di Odux
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    Sep 2002

    Patch coming soon?

    from AoM Heaven
    Archy sent out an email to all of the community webmasters today 
    on the updated status of the TT patch;
    the details for the final changes in the patch should be out next week and the patch itself
    should be released a couple weeks after that. 
    Excellent news, read on that and a couple other things on the ES Age Community Site:
    "Here is what the patch team has to say about the patch status:
    "We are double checking the final changes and will have details next week.
     We expect to release it in the next couple of weeks."
    Kind of said it all in that one sentence.
    A couple new sections added to the ES Age Communtiy Site, Mods, Guides and Download Links. 
    Submit your today:)
    I will be updating links once a week, getting quite a few now. 
    Thanks to all that have sent in their sites so far."
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    To be continued

    Best Banz

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    Registered User L'avatar di La_Hire
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    Sep 2003
    Ma non doveva uscire un paio di mesi fa?1111
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    basta che si muovono ora stanno esagerando...
    "Imagine the publicity if someone announced that they have developed a new treatment that cured 40 percent of all people with cancer.The media would
    be jumping up and down.That kind of benefit can be achieved today just by following a vegetarian diet. Right there you have an answer and no one's listening."

    Neal D. Barnard, M.D., Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, Washington

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    Registered User L'avatar di Fireblizz
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    Oct 2003
    si ma pd, cristo nn se ne puo piu

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    Cawabungaa!!!! L'avatar di Ninja
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    Sep 2003
    esce settimana prossima giusto?
    Per me un "camper" non č una casa mobile, ma un bastardo immobile.

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